BOS CAMBODIA's profile

BOS CAMBODIA is a shop of Photocopier and printing service provider and it offers five type of products and services which including of Selling, leasing, rental, maintenance of printing machine & its spare-part, and photocopy & Printing.

BOS CAMBODIA have operate its 'operation since 2010 which initiated by BOS's owner as a family an title store which located in Sangkat Teuktla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.

Then in 2012 BOS CAMBODIA was form up small company which ventured by 09 shareholders which re-locate to office # 247A St. 598 Sangkat Teuktla Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.

   Office mobile:(+855) 23 678 97 97

Purpose of Biz trip

Just re-briefly on first trip

    On 09th April 2013 we arrived here and met with Delly in discussing about our biz partnership.

My interesting to your company

    after onsite visit we have recognize on the image of your company and we was also approached by some your subscribers in Cambodia. Moreover we seem strongly confident to your capacity of printing machine providing to BS, especially the quality of your printing machines.

Main purpose of my trip

    To see your physical product;     First could you please show me the stock list of your product, i will review it and then i will go to see the physical product.

Next i want to discuss about our payment methodologies

    What about your account of company where is it? and which bank? ..... To me i would propose you to use the bank of UOB or SCB (standard charter bank), because it more convenience to access our remittance service (fast and trust) and these two banks is well corporate with one bank in Cambodia called SBC (Singapore Bank Corporation).

    So i will ask my subordinate to transfer through SBC to one among of two banks. How do you think?

For payment methodology to me I would propose to pay you all after checking and loading into Container through above bank? How do you think?

Spare Parts

canon spare part

Cleaning Web Canon 50006000

Drum Bizub 250300

Drum Canon IR 2016



Fixing Roller

Fuser Film